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Get ready to experience fun on the road like never before. Evolve electric skateboards ride amazingly well because every part of the board from the deck down to the bearings are custom designed to perfection. That's why the feel you get when riding an Evolve board is totally unique and rides like no other electric skateboard in the market.

It took our founder, Jeff Anning over 3 years to painstakingly mold custom parts, test and re-mold until the perfect ride was first achieved. Since then, word has spread and customers from around the globe have been seeking out the Evolve carve experience. Today, the Evolve brand is the leading manufacturer of high quality electric longboards with distribution and support centres in more than 10 countries worldwide.

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The Bamboo Series

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The Carbon Series

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Our Range of Electric Skateboards

Our current range of boards can be divided into the "Bamboo Series" and the "Carbon Series". Both the Bamboo and Carbon Series boards are of excellent quality and built using top of the line materials.
The Bamboo Series boards are basically top quality professional longboards with a motor attached to it. The decks in this series are made from high quality bamboo. The whole vibe of these boards is about fun, cruising and carving the endless wave without ever having to kick push like a regular longboard skateboard. They are designed to be quiet, light and discrete when riding. These boards are perfect for the late afternoon cruise, weekend fun or commuting to work and will get you where you want to go in style and will be awesome fun along the way. The Bamboo Series are also a perfect application to cross train for surfing and snowboarding. Our super carve truck together with professional longboard wheels and a powerful custom electric system makes for an exhilarating riding experience.

Our Bamboo Series boards are sold exclusively online.
For local pricing information, visit our online store now.

The Carbon Series has been made for the extremist electric longboarder. The decks in these series are made from high-grade carbon fibre and kevlar. We have created a board that can now travel over both longboard surfaces and 'All Terrain' surfaces. The All Terrain board will eat up those poor quality footpaths and roads you would not dream of riding your longboard on. The street version is a precise carve, super stable and very low profile board allowing for a super stealth ride. We also use our 'super carve truck' on this series so both the All Terrain and Street setup carve like a dream. The carbon series design also allows you to change between 'All Terrain' setups and traditional longboard setups within approx. 5 minutes. So now you can have the best of both worlds.

Our Carbon Series boards are sold exclusively online.
For local pricing information, visit our online store now.

Happy Customers Worldwide...

Evolve Skateboards was designed for our customer's enjoyment. Here are just some of the feedback we get from our customers worldwide. Join us on our Facebook page to read more of our customer's feedback or send in your own!