Bustin Pintail AT


We’ve teamed up with New York brand Bustin Boards to bring you their newly released Surf Cruiser Pintail – Fire & Water. Bustin Boards designed the NY Surf Series Pintail to evoke the history of the NY Surf Scene, with its roots drawing as far back as the 1800s. The original spirit of surf comes to life with a cambered platform with a lively response, packed with 350 watts (700 watt max output) of instant-on torque power over tough-terrain, questionable pavement and down the backroads you’ve always wanted to explore but never thought possible on an e-board.

This Pintail deck has a flexible maple layup for a light, durable cruiser with custom inlayed grip art under ultra-durable, clear spray grip.  By adding the Evolve electrical setup and the gravity fed super carve truck with one of the world’s most popular longboard brands, the result is a beautiful looking and insanely awesome carving machine on ANY terrain!

Comes complete with regenerative braking, interchangeable wheel setups, 350w (700w max output) brushless motor, the Bustin Series Pintail AT is perfect for those who want the freedom to ride ANYWHERE with style to match.  Using Super-light MBS rubber tyres in tandem with an ultra-low profile battery case lends superior clearance over most terrain.

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