ABEC 11 Wheels (Set of 4) 97mm 78a Flywheels


Want the power, range and feel of the Evolve Street setup but still want to get over semi-rough terrain? Then replacing the standard 83mm Evolve wheel with the ABEC 11 97mm Flywheel is the go! The power of the Evolve Carbon GT can power these giant wheels better than any other eboard. The acceleration is super-smooth with strong braking. A highly recommended upgrade!

Review this table to see how wheel selection impacts the top speed on your Street Board:

Wheel Size (mm) Standard GT Gear (Km/h) 38 Tooth Gear (Km/h)
80 35 29
83 36 30
90 39 33
97 42 35

* Note: This wheel is recommended for the Evolve Carbon GT board only and not other non-GT models.