NEW R-2 Remote Controller

US$120.00 US$72.00

The R-2 Remote is a significant improvement over the already good GT remote. Please see the full specs in the description below. We have limited units available for existing GT riders.
For New Board Buyers:
Great news! All GT and One board purchases from 20 December 2017 will ship with the R-2 remote as the standard remote that comes with your board!
For Existing GT & ONE Board Owners:
We're not letting you miss out. We are offering existing GT and ONE board riders a chance to get the new R-2 remote at a SIGNIFICANT discount from now until 28 February 2018. After February, it will be priced at the normal US$120. Why would we do this on such a hot new product? We are committed to take care of our family of riders. Your current GT Remote is perfectly good and we will continue to offer the GT remote for those who are used to it and need replacements. But if you want to upgrade to the R-2, this is the window to do it. Evolve Skateboards is the only company now to have 2 perfectly good options for remotes.
Pre-Orders will be first to ship on AVAILABILITY. Stocks are extremely limited.
NOTE: The R-2 Remote is compatible ONLY with our GT Series boards AND Evolve ONE boardswith the V1 and V2 Protocol installed. It will not function with any other make or model of electric skateboard, our previous models included. To ensure COMPATIBILITY please test your board with this method: Compatibility Test

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